Temple Heart Center-Zipper

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The reality of the infamous “zipper scar” and the difficult rehabilitation after this type of procedure is dispelled by the robotic surgical solutions offered at Temple Hospital. The idea was to show the concern and graphic nature of the more invasive technique without actually show the “zipper” incision, hence the animated zipper. The animation and shift from mono chrome to color signify getting back to your life sooner.

Director/DP with Shooters, INC.

Pechanga -Take Me Away

Posted February 16th, 2014 in Food, Gaming, Lifestyle, Travel & Leisure, TV Spots, Web Video by Buffman

This is part of a multi-spot package for the casino and golf course. Live action, food photography, aerials, camera crane, hot air balloons, great shoot.

Director/DP for The Media & Marketing Group

Lifestyle and Food Montage

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Block Island Express “Work of Art”

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Director/DP for Content and Caspari McCormack

Block Island Express “Fast and Slow”

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Director/DP for Content and Caspari McCormick

Copart/Bernsteins at the Track

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We shot this at Thunderbird Raceway in Phoenix while the team was in the qualifying hunt for race day, so we needed to stay out of their way and still get what we needed for the spot……great choreography and cooperation between our 2 camera production team and the race car team. A very exciting fun filled day working with so many great professionals from both disciplines.

Director/DP for The Star Group

WSFS “Around the Corner”

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The idea was to create a seamlessly moving spot that shows how WSFS is the local bank in a market that has been saturated with out of the area take overs. We wanted to show the sense of community that the bank holds for its customers.

Director/DP for The Star Group

Fine Wine & Good Spirits – Chairman’s Selection :30

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Great live action effects, product lighting, and fine post production.

DP for Blue VFX and Tierney

EP Henry

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Interesting day, the sun was in, then out, then gone, most of this is lit.

Director/DP for The Star Group and Media & Marketing Group

Gore – The Experience

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This is from a series of HR videos designed to show possible employment candidates what the W.L.Gore Company is all about; to show its unique character. It is very important to Gore that people understand this concept because they know it is not for everyone. The more extensive interviews were shown as individual elements. We combined them for this web presentation.

Director/DP and Interviewer for the ODM Group & engage3SIXTY

Seneca Casinos

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This is a cross brand spot that shows the energy and fun that is found at both Seneca Casinos, it is part of a multi-spot campaign that was customized for each property.

Director/DP for The Media & Marketing Group

Seasons Pizza

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The challenge here was to produce and shoot live action food shots to create awareness for the extensive menu offerings that go beyond the quality pizza that Seasons is known for and then seamlessly combined them with pre-existing elements.

Director/DP for Shooters INC

Delaware Lotto Cash 5

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A fun way to get the word out about a new lottery game spoofing science investigatory TV shows and movies.

Director/DP for the Star Group

Christiana Care Health System

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The challenge was to capture almost all the imagery with variations in a very short period of time because we were working with a combination of two actors and real doctors from the hospital who were actually working that day. We accomplished this with very smart planning and great team work from our crew. The first hour was like the “2 minute drill” in football only it was at the beginning of the half and not at the end.

Director/DP for Content and Caspari McCormick

Virtua Orthopedics Kalinski Web

Posted February 3rd, 2014 in Healthcare, Interviews, Real People, Sports, Web Video by Buffman

Director/DP for The Star Group